Creative Writing Sketch in Old Cardiff Library

Please show consideration for other readers beneath the tinted dome of the security camera. This is a quiet study area on the necks of bowed heads in the corner, black hair gobbling up paragraphs. Face down. Pages fast as a second hand turns. Contrast to the supermodel at the next table, asymmetric hem lines, fiddles with her bra strap, tossing her head and peering up through long black lashes; gaze settling on the people in the room one after another. Acquiring targets. She takes notes; a schoolgirl, head close to the paper, hair touching the desk. Looking up to rest her lips on the end of her pen and scowl at the jokers at the next table flipping through a ring binder, pushing back her curled red hair, by the window with a ten tonne alarm bell. The girl facing me is on the edge of continual laughter. Hiding her giggle in her hand she writes notes to her companion. Slim. Closed up. A plant that hasn’t flowered yet with her back to me. Studious.
A barrel Japanese man sits at the other end of their table. Book-building under his arms onto the surface in towers. His mobile rings, a melody cut short. A plastic coffee cup rests in his hand as easily as the cheap biro as he scrumples knots into a shorthand pad.
The jokers glance and laugh
the supermodel scowls
and the bowed heads don’t notice.

–Benjamin F Jones

About Graphite Bunny

I am a writer working in South Wales (UK). I love pizza, photography and moist clay. When it rains I catch drops in my open mouth. I create poetry, flash, absurdist snapshots and humorous fiction.
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4 Responses to Creative Writing Sketch in Old Cardiff Library

  1. Ags says:

    You make me hate the ‘supermodel’ with a passion. The arrogant, empty, shallow bitch!

  2. A wonderful description of a contemporary library, with all its busy-ness. It’s so different from the tranquil places of my childhood, where a librarian was allowed to say ‘shush’, even at the scrape of a chair and could throw someone out for speaking in anything louder than a whisper.

    My 3rd-year undergraduate son has just complained to me about the 1st-year students taking over the computer room in the university library to chatter loudly and go on facebook, when he needs to do some proper work.

    • Cardiff library is large; there is a whisper of decorum there. In Ynyshir library pretty much anything goes. They have singing and tea meetings; children screaming; and old farts whittling on about the state of the economy and politics. I’ve seen some very heated discussions between seat sitters, door swingers, computer uses and reception staff.
      We often spend an hour in there on Monday evenings after school, I write, Moolie spends hours reading books.

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