My Animal-Guide is a Cheeselug

(i) Some people believe that your personal animal-guide can get rid of harmful ‘you’ in your body (although certainly not a lower limb prosthesis). To believe that there is someone you can rely on is a good start. It can compensate for the loss of below the knee musculature. Other animal-guides help change habits in our everyday activities and use biomechanical data to design different prostheses. However power stimulation is not the only way of unbuckling pathologies of the spine. The mind’s innate poise is disturbed as you catch the first glimpse of that particular medicine. Converse with your animal-guide, ask for help. Anything is possible in a state of physical discomfort or stress.

(ii) Mark was put into a five camera motion analysis device linked to his own belief system. Using his anima guide to gauge balance, support and coordination he invoked a custom made animal-designed mechanism. He was able to re-educate his mind, possible because he had less then thirteen prosthetics. Opt for a meditative state when you find an animal in pain or discomfort. The pattern to the spirit world lies through astral travel, lucid dreaming or shamanic trance.

(iii) With the force plate attached I want to run out and meet them all. I have chosen three animal-guides and used them inside my body shells to release unnecessary tension. If you think of life as a twelve metre walkway then those seen sitting or lying are not to be envied as they need The Manager.

(iv) The Manager uses a specially designed force transducer and is alighted between the T-bar cell and the segmented animal-guide. Experiments are carried out using each of the three-sixty-five animal-guides. This is an intelligent way to solve prosthetic disorders. The energy balance within the system isolates the animal-guide anomalies. A word of warning; too much candy can cause article-length asymmetry. The uni-axial animal prosthesis is too small and makes you sick. We misuse ourselves after the meditative state. There may be a synchronistic tightening of the muscles in the neck and back. Here the animal-guide blocks information. We lack self-awareness and overcompensate for sensory misinformation.

(v) Patience, patience, patience. Animal-guides do not easily reduce muscular tension as it is not owned by anyone; our terminal stance is slower then with a normal leg. The pMass muscles are habitually over tightened. You may ask nicely but your animal-guide may desert you at some point. The mechanism as the potential to contact; because you don’t reach our the first time don’t give up. There are three ways the animal can show patterns of slumping. First you should call upon the active element. This is done in conjunction with a ritual which you must write and perform. Ask for assistance in developing the animal that can best help you. History shows that biomechanical techniques together with good engineering design and the selection of modern animal parts should be present in your magical workings.

–Benjamin F Jones 

About Graphite Bunny

I am a writer working in South Wales (UK). I love pizza, photography and moist clay. When it rains I catch drops in my open mouth. I create poetry, flash, absurdist snapshots and humorous fiction.
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2 Responses to My Animal-Guide is a Cheeselug

  1. I thought I was surreal, but you’ve just outdone me 😉

    • I have no idea if anyone will like this at all. But it is a good example of the more experimental pieces of writing I work on. This afternoon I have been working at the opposite end of the scale; a general fiction book– there is no cybernetic craziness in there! (hot chocolate, dogs and parents drunk on home-brew wine)

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