Prospective MPhil student

Blue sky streaked through with fine white sinew. Today I went for a meeting with the professor at the university with regard to doing an MPhil in Writing. It couldn’t have gone better – he was as enthused by the idea of someone studying prose poetry and writing a book length collection as I was.
I still have a long way to go to get accepted but today I made a first step and it went better than I could have imagined.
Thanks to Jim for looking after Amélie so I could talk undisturbed.

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MPhil in Writing

About Graphite Bunny

I am a writer working in South Wales (UK). I love pizza, photography and moist clay. When it rains I catch drops in my open mouth. I create poetry, flash, absurdist snapshots and humorous fiction.
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10 Responses to Prospective MPhil student

  1. That’s so long to wait, but it gives you longer to prepare. You know I believe in you 🙂

    • Thank you very much – your support is very welcome. I have just got back from a week away and in my spare moments I read a lot of prose poetry to start my research.

  2. Aidan says:

    Well done Mr Bunny…. I think you will not have a problem 🙂

  3. james says:

    you’ll be ace moolie always welcome here, was lot’s of fun having pink child to look after

  4. jonth says:

    Congratulations! Y’mother and I are delighted but we think that Amelie, had she been present, could have made a useful and intelligent contribution. Next time perhaps.

  5. boneland says:

    Good luck. I’m confident you’ll get in.

    • Thank you. It was a very exciting meeting. I’m looking forward to studying prose poetry. I am also looking forward to writing lots more of it. Professor Gross said that I need to read prose poem after prose poem so that by September 2013 I am ready! Application in January and interviews final decision about Easter time.

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