Paid Publication

I just got an email saying that Spawning Ground has been accepted for publication. And for money – I got paid enough for a jar of Hot Chocolate for when autumn comes.

Spawning Ground is a 1000 word short story about a bio-engineered machine as he seeks to continue his species. Discover the internal battle between biology and mechanics. This piece is aimed at the science fiction reader who likes a speculative challenge and is not afraid to jump in at the deep end.

“Thank you for submitting “Spawning Ground” to Sci-fi Short Story Magazine. Apologies for the long reply time. I would like to publish your work in the fourth quarter issue, probably in October. Your work will appear in the website, in the print publication, and the corresponding print issue. Please include your Paypal email address at the top of your reply so that we can remit payment of $5.00 to you in short order. If it is impossible for you to use a PayPal account in order to receive these funds, please include instead a mailing address (U.S. only).”


About Graphite Bunny

I am a writer working in South Wales (UK). I love pizza, photography and moist clay. When it rains I catch drops in my open mouth. I create poetry, flash, absurdist snapshots and humorous fiction.
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14 Responses to Paid Publication

  1. Fantastic 🙂 I knew that story was destined for publication – it’s so weird, with such utterly alien aliens. Excellent, excellent, excellent. I’ll think champagne, but can’t afford to send you a bottle just now.

  2. Congrats! Hot chocolate is a good thing…and any time the words ‘I would like to publish your work’ appear, it is a great day! Circles led me here, and I’ll be back.

  3. james says:

    but will you still talk to normal people when your royalties come through and your drinking art bought hot chocolate or will it only be those who’ve tasted the lure of art bought beverages you’ll associate with?

  4. A Lucas says:

    Congratulations! Always a joy to get paid (however insignificant the amount) for something created by oneself.
    I enjoy between 1 and 7 pence (wow) every time one of my cd tracks is streamed over the internet.
    What a joy! I just need (a lot) more of them now!

    Best wishes

  5. Tonight I have been going through my old Parent Unit stuff. A huge chunk of material I wrote while looking after Amélie. There are haiku, bits of poems, scenes, chunks of dialogue – a real mishmash. I had a go at turning it into a novel in about 2009 but couldn’t get a plot to hang on it. I hope to draw on the material for use when doing my MPhil. However one of the things I like about it is its disorganisation – I’m thinking I might take a copy of all the files (there are about 50) before I start work. The raw material might be an interesting thing for Amélie to read when she is older.

  6. Well done, you! That hot chocolate will have the sweet taste of success 😀

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