Creative Writing at Porth Library

I am starting a creative writing class in Porth Library on 22nd March 2013.

Although this is to be a creative writing class it is not my intention that I sit and lecture for two hours. The people who attend will be writers who want their writing to grow. With this in mind writers will be expected to read their work and offer their thoughts on the writing of others.

This class is not solely for poets or writers of prose (or any other form for that matter). It is all inclusive. I will be touching on the many forms of writing as the year progresses.

So if you are a writer in the Rhondda, Pontypridd or even a student in Trefforest (it is closer than Cardiff) then pay us a visit and see where working with other writers takes you.

Click here for more details.

Benjamin F Jones

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Creative Writing Porth

● haiku ● autobiography ● fiction ● humorous stories ● monologues ● personal experiences ● plays ● poems ● short stories ● sonnets ● form ● poetry ● journals ● letters ● prose poetry ● memories ● science fiction ● publishing ●

About Graphite Bunny

I am a writer working in South Wales (UK). I love pizza, photography and moist clay. When it rains I catch drops in my open mouth. I create poetry, flash, absurdist snapshots and humorous fiction.
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3 Responses to Creative Writing at Porth Library

  1. Again, I say brilliant! (I’ve already followed your link and said brilliant there, too). Are you going to post something about this in The Drunken Beagle, as you might find someone knows someone who knows someone who might come along?

  2. redmingum says:

    cool is the first session in honor of my birthday? Hope it goes well

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