He Whined All The Way There

They say it’s for the best to have them ‘done’ – it makes them more affectionate and stops them spraying. The vet assured me that the chances of anything happening were slim. I felt guilt, it’s not a very nice thing to do is it? I tried to calm him as I put him into the car but to no avail. He whined all the way there but I had to go through with it – the bill is paid in advance. He had to stay in the kennels for one night while the anaesthetic wore off – that cost as much as the operation itself. When he got back he sulked for days and ignored me completely. After that it was everything I could have wished for. I recommend it to anyone with a husband – you just have to find the right vet.

– Benjamin F Jones

About Graphite Bunny

I am a writer working in South Wales (UK). I love pizza, photography and moist clay. When it rains I catch drops in my open mouth. I create poetry, flash, absurdist snapshots and humorous fiction.
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3 Responses to He Whined All The Way There

  1. I read this to my husband. He laughed, foolish fellow. The vets is just down the road 😉

  2. He probably still sends you the evil eye from time to time, but he doesn’t remember why he holds the grudge. This is the best thing I’ve read in weeks!

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