Let there be a fitting

N+7 blog postThe Bench Governor created the engagement because the relationship was without forum and void. Without marriage the engagement was a failure of the deep. It was spring and there should be a wedding in the air. And the Governor moved upon the failure of weddings saying, ‘Let there be a link.’ And there was link. The Governor saw the link and that it was good and he divided the link from the day. And he called the first link The Ceremony and the other half he called The Reception. And this example of motivation was the first idea. And Governor said, Let there be a fitting in the midst of the wedding preparation and let it divide the wedding from all other weddings. And the Governor made a fitting and divided the weddings which were under the fitting from the weddings which were above the fitting. And it was so. And Governor said, ‘Let the wedding’s details be gathered together by an Planner, and let the lapels appear’. And it was so. And the Governor called the lapels and the generation together and said, ‘Bring forth a grid and hint at a yielding seminar.’ And the economist brought forth a grid, and hinted at a yielding seminar and a trick yielding funeral. This was the motivation and avoidance of the third death. And finally the Governor completed the two great links; the greater link to rush the wedding, and the lesser link to rush the reception. The date was set and Governor saw that the wedding was good.

- Benjamin F Jones


Wedding at Newstead Abbey

The wedding was good

This piece is constructed using the oulipo method N+7 – it is a simultaneous blog with the amazing sarahpotterwrites who is also experimenting in the realm of N+7 with her piece can be found here. The N+7 procedure, invented by Jean Lescure of Oulipo, replaces each noun in a text with the seventh one following it in a dictionary.


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Fenland clouds

Fenland cloud structures

Fenland Clouds

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Railways were an elaborate hoax

One day Kaitlin met a boy in the pub – they had lots in common including their love of Japanese wood-cuts. He fell in love with her but was unable to say it. To show his feelings without using words he arranged a weekend retreat. She said there was no way to get there since they didn’t own a car. He suggested the train. ‘Trains don’t exist,’ she said. He thought it was a joke at first. ‘My mother doesn’t believe in them and I can’t change who I am’. He tried to explain how the train worked, he showed her books about trains but she said she didn’t like reading them and claimed the pictures of railways were an elaborate hoax. If he pushed she got angry. He tried to find a point in her life where she might have seen a train but it seemed she’d spent her entire life avoiding situations with trains in them. He went away for the weekend on his own and knew that when he got back the relationship would be over – not because she didn’t believe in trains but because she didn’t think she could change who she was.

- Benjamin F Jones
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Ramshorn snail shell


Ramshorn snail (empty)

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The summer when I was six

The rainbow is grey and at its end the Rheola in the shape of a brick. Rain presses the windows to squeeze out pints of golden bubble filled with the summer when I was six. I stayed with my grandmother for the first time, while my parents fled from the responsibilities of child care. As they slept in their tent I woke to a room that resembled a galaxy filled with precious metal. This pub is where I come to escape – just for an hour I am back, waking to that bedroom and a day of possibilities.

- Benjamin F Jones
Golden bubble filled with the summer

Pints of golden bubble filled with the summer when I was six

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