Current Projects

At the moment I am doing a rewrite of the last novel I wrote, Unnatural Shade of Blue with the feedback I have received from Litopia.

Journey’s end. The ship is collapsing.
A mutiny finishes it off; dividing the crew.
Dyandra is trapped on Tane without resources, fighting for survival.
Her mother, remains in orbit fighting the mutineers.
Neither will give up until they are reunited.

It’s been out to a good few markets. I had an exclusive read with Dorian Literary Agency however in the end the editor turned me down but was very constructive about my novel and gave me some very useful feedback. Unnatural Shade of Blue is a completed science fiction novel which stands at 96k words.


Over the last month I have been getting together my thoughts on the MPhil in writing that I would like to do at uni. A three year course which I could study part time so that I can continue to work in the warehouse. Application for the course begins at the end of 2012 and the course begins in September 2013. I have to put together a draft portfolio which shows off my writing. Ideas anyone.


The Mycad Knife is a romp. A high action (fantasy?) novel.

Pixim is a courier delivering packages no one else dares touch. When she doesn’t get paid she finds herself hunted by opposing tribes. She knows that wherever she runs they will find her. With a intimate knowledge of Brick City she decides to face up to her tormentors. Can she use her wit to bring down the tribes that want her dead?


I also have a few short stories which I am sending out, ‘The Frozen Piano‘ ‘Black Market Cranny‘. I am also working on a collection of poetry for publication and a few pieces which I will submit to The Welsh Poetry Competition. New Fatherhood was published in June this year. I currently have 25 pieces out with agents and publishers. Being a pensions administrator taught me a lot about organisation.

If there are any beta readers out there or anyone wanting to exchange assistance on writing poetry please get in touch.

Writing in Tooting Bec

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