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Underneath we are Different

Mark stepped off the train onto the platform smeared with the buzz of human condition. He tried to suppress a smile as he tasted the coffee on his lips and felt the rain gentle as cool muslin. He felt different. … Continue reading

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Creative Writing Sketch in Old Cardiff Library

Please show consideration for other readers beneath the tinted dome of the security camera. This is a quiet study area on the necks of bowed heads in the corner, black hair gobbling up paragraphs. Face down. Pages fast as a … Continue reading

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Unglazed Clay Body

The morning’s ceramic constructs rowed up on newspaper cover the kitchen worktop Amélie and I eat pesto and pasta a lump of edam cheese banana-money for afters rain in sheets scrolling down the windows “Can you get me some water … Continue reading

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Class Exercise in the Style of a Depressed Furbee

I did this dialogue sketch after hearing a man (a depressed furbee) read at a writing circle. I love the way he skirts around and never quite settles on anything. “I used to live in a place called 12 Claire … Continue reading

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Dive into Absurdity

These exercises came as a result of reading Nathalie Goldberg’s, Writing Down the Bones. I like the freedom in them. Tabby Cough A woman coughed up a fat tabby cat it stretched itself out on the lawn to dry. Later … Continue reading

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