A brief history of writing spaces

Initially the writer lived out of a box – this was quite a nice lifestyle – very portable and the writing site could be chosen anew each session. This worked well for poetry but I think it would be difficult to write longer pieces and organise the resources.

My first dedicated writer’s space which I used to start writing the novel ‘Frolicsome Fishnets’. Eventually the grot and the grim of the eternal building site got to me and I had to find alternative space.

The view was lovely – looking out across Pontypridd. I finished my first novel here and wrote the self-help book ‘Depression Counterblast’.

We moved into a house with no heating. After I had fitted the stove this became a temporary writer’s site which I used in the cracks between being a dad and building. It was chosen mainly for its proximity to the stove.

The new house has rooms – I chose one with a corner near the bay window. The desk was no longer needed by a Chiropractor who was moving back to Germany. The desk was very difficult to cram into a Nissan Micra.

The loft writing space was lovely but the PhD studying lady next door said my daughter and I were too raucous and we had to move out.

An intermediary space – I liked the wobblyness of it.

Current writer’s desk – well lit, musically wired and ready for action.

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